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Clarity Home Detox helps you welcome balance, harmony and elegance into your life.If you are ready to change your habits and your relationship to your possessions, then a Home Detox is for you. And we are here to help.

Nobody should be stressed out by their home.

Nobody should be overwhelmed by their possessions.

Nobody should spend their free time tidying, tidying, and tidying again.

Nobody should be ashamed to have friends and family over. (Even unannounced!)

Our home should be our temple that helps and empowers us in order to deal with the stresses of the outside world.

Our home should be the answer and even the remedy to our stress. Not the opposite. And definitely, not the cause.


A consultant comes to your home and guides you, hands-on. After helping you establish your objectives, the consultant will help you sort every object you own. After this step, she will help you find the best storage solutions for optimized organization of your home. Together, you put a system in place so the work you have done is maintained for the long run.

Your current habits will be discussed and analyzed.

This is intended for those willing to change. For those who feel buried under their clutter, overwhelmed, or wish to be coached and guided. For those who want fast and real results.


  • – 5 hours of decluttering with 1 or 2 consultants
  • – Recommendations and implementation of design and storage solutions
  • – Recommendations and implementation of changes in habit and lifestyle
  • – Email and phone support
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The experts will give you the keys and steps for you to successfully embark on the journey of your Home Detox. They will share all their tricks for optimal storage. All your questions and fears will be heard, discussed, and addressed.

For whom: the independent ones. For those who want to try their Home Detox on their own but still need a little push and some tricks of the trade in order to ensure they are on the right track.


  • – 3 hours with 2 experts and other participants
  • – course material, checklist, Clarity pen and notebook
  • – Snacks
  • – 1 hour of phone coaching a month after the workshop
  • – 10% discount on all other Clarity products or services
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Eliette and Marieke are qualified speakers with extensive experience in front of large audiences (300+) as well as moderators and facilitators of small group discussions.

Are you looking to offer interesting, original, and empowering experiences around a work-life balance theme for your employees or members of your association? Contact us to discuss your needs.

Speaking topics:

  • – The KonMari Method
  • – Home Detox and our relationship to your possessions
  • – How to take action and maintain change
  • – Impacts and benefits on your professional and personal life
  • – Lifestyle and work-life-balance
  • – Food for thought and keys to enhance productivity, efficiency and creativity
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A consultant coaches you over the phone (or via Skype) to help you establish your objective and create the best action plan for your Home Detox according to your needs. She will walk you through the process, step by step, and answer all your questions and address your fears.

If needed, she will review the details of the konMari method with you to ensure you have the tools to start and complete your Home Detox.

Ideal for gifts. Clarity has gift certificates.

For whom: For those who are ready to take action on their own but need one final push. For those who have started their Home Detox but feel stuck and need an expert’s point of view to continue and complete their Home Detox.


  • – 1.5 hours via phone (or Skype) with 1 consultant
  • – summary and overview of the konMari method
  • – help to establish your personal objective and Home Detox action plan
  • – help to overcome fears and barriers
  • – tricks and tips for up to 2 categories
  • – answers to any of your questions or fears
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