Intention Cards

When Clarity meets the artist/graphic designer Sara Thom.

Because our respective universe and values are similar and because we inspire each other, we have decided to collaborate and create intention cards.

Our intention cards are a mix of Sara’s unique touch and the Konmari™ method philosophy and principles.

We hope they will help you declutter and bring joy in your homes.

What are they for ?

A home detox is never an objective but a tool to help you live the life you want to live. And its start with you setting up your objectives.

The intention cards are to be used to help you set them and reach them. They help you set up your goal and offer daily inspirations and support for reaching your objectives and living a more mindful, positive and purposeful life.

They help you send out messages to the universe in order to get back in return what you have asked and what you resonate with. It is called the Law of Attraction: the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

They also help you getting some motivation back when you will tired and less intentful on some days.

How to use them ?

The set contains 5 cards, just like the Konmari™ method has 5 categories. For each one, choose a card. Set up your objective for each of these categories. What do you want to achieve ? What do you want to let go of ?

I want to say goodbye to stressful morning.

I want to welcome joyful morning and a clear and simple closet.  

The intentions cards are made with love in Lausanne, Switzerland and are available in our store. For now, en français seulement…