What goes on in an initial session with a KonMari consultant ?

If you are reading this article, it means you have signed up for a Home Detox session with a consultant from Clarity. Or that you are still wondering about it.

We are very happy to make you discover in the below article what happens when you open your door to a Clarity consultant.

The preparation

After a session is confirmed, we are very often being asked what is there to prepare for it. A good preparation is important so that your session will be efficient and brings you a maximum of joy. Once your session is confirmed, we will send you a list of what you need to prepare in order to welcome your consultant.

The arrival and the introduction 

The consultant will arrive full of positive energy to guide you into the process of your Home Detox. Before tackling your clutter, we always start with a conversation.

This will be the moment for you to share with your consultant your problems, your pains and your objectives and wishes for the session. The handout that we send to you prior to the session will help you think about these aspects. Above all, we invite you to share with your consultant the life you would like to live, the home you dream about and what you would love to do in your free time once your Home Detox will be completed.

The vision you have for your home will be the foundation of all the decisions we will ask you to make moving forward. This is a very important step of your process.

Your vision seems blurry and uncertain for the time being ? Is it difficult for you to describe your ideal lifestyle ? Do not worry about it. Your consultant will guide you and help you formulate and set your objectives.

Our contract will also be reviewed and signed by both you and the consultant. You will get a copy of it prior to the session.

The house tour

You will then show your home and introduce it to your consultant. This is an important moment during which your consultant will start to get a sense of how you have been functioning up to now and see where there is room for improvement. However, she will respect your wishes and house rule. If you wish for certain drawers to stay closed, they won’t be opened.

The home greeting 

Unique to the KonMari method, this is a way for you and the consultant to introduce yourselves and to define the vision you have for your home. Your consultant will take a moment of silence in the middle of your home. She will invite you to join her the way you wish to if you do.

This greeting and meditative moment marks the beginning of your tidying session and the letting go that will be required from you in order to move forward. This is the moment for you to tell your home what is your vision and hopes for it. This is a moment of respect and silence your consultant and ideally you will take together before getting to work.

The greeting is in no way mandatory for you. On her side, your consultant will take a couple of minutes to do it.

The pictures

Your consultant will suggest you to take pictures (with your phone or hers) of the items you are about to sort out. This is always done with your autorisation. These pictures will be for your own personal use only. They are used as a starting point of the work you will be doing. When you get tired, it is sometimes beneficial to go back to your pictures. They help you realize how far you have already gone and the great job you have already done. These pictures encourage you to keep going.

The pile 

Following the KonMari method’s principles, the first session focuses on clothing. With the help of your consultant, you will regroup every single piece of clothings you own and gather them in one spot (usually your bed). Do not forget any other pieces of clothing that could be stored outside of your closet. If you have clothes in your basement (cave in Switzerland), you will go and get them.

It would be ideal if you could do your laundry before the arrival of the consultant.

The creation of the pile allows you to do an inventory of everything you possess in one category. It works as a reality check. “I had no idea I owned so many clothes” or “I was looking for this t-shirt for so long” are often comments we hear. This pile will reset any organisational structures or patterns you might have had up to now. It will help you install a change of habits. It also forces you to interact with every single piece of items you possess.

This is the moment your consultant will evaluate what type of storing solutions you might have. In the KonMari method we try to use and reuse – sometimes creatively – what you already have available. When you will have the urge to buy storing solutions, we will slow you and manage this urge. We will wait until the end of the session or ideally the end of your home detox to assess and suggest you the best storing solutions.

The decision process

After summarizing the method’s mindset and your objectives, your consultant will ask you to take one by one each item of a category in your hands. You will reply to the question “does it spark joy?”. This question is THE principal of the KonMari method. If the answer is “yes”, you will keep the item with confidence and conviction. If the answer is “no”, you will let it go. You will donate it, sell it or throw it out but always with gratitude.

Your consultant will guide you and encourage you all the while keeping your objectives in mind. When you will be hesitating, she will ask you further questions in order for you to be able to reach a decision. She will make sure you make decisions that are aligned with your objectives.

The beauty of the KonMari method lies in the fact that you are the one and only decision maker. Your consultant will never make a decision for you. Nothing is forced on you and no decisions will be made without you.

The break 

One needs a lot of energy to make so many decisions in a row. Your concentration will be at its highest.

The KonMari method is a physical process that requires you to hold every single item you possess. To pile, sort and store objects is a physical effort that requires stamina. Your consultant will assess when it will be the best moment to take a break. She will bring a snack to be shared. The break should last approximately 20 minutes. This is a great moment to go over your objectives once more and discuss any troubles you might have had.

The folding lesson 

Once you have selected the clothes that spark joy to you, the next step will be to reorganize your closet. Your consultant will teach you the specific vertical folding method using the storing solutions you have at hand.

You will also be giving access to our Folding Academy where we cover every possible item you might have and how to fold them.

Your consultant will also teach you what items should be folded and what item should be hanged.

The storing 

Your consultant will first use whatever you have at hand to store your clothes and reorganize your closet in a way that is easy, convenient and efficient for you.

Ideally, she will use boxes you might have. Your consultant has a lot of creative tips and tricks to suggest you for an efficient organization.

If she believes some optimization could be made, she will write you a list of ideal storing solutions tailored to your needs.

The end of the session 

Your session will end as it started, with a conversation. Your consultant will share with you the next steps of your home detox and will establish your homework list in order for you to finalize a category. If necessary, you will also discuss a potential investment in new storing solutions.

If you already know you would like to move forward and book another session, this is the moment when you can schedule it.

Your consultant will then send you a post session email with elements discussed during the session and advice on how to keep your home tidy. We also invite you to keep your consultant posted on your Home Detox journey, the success you will have and the difficulties you might encounter. It will make us happy to have news from you and to answer your potential questions.

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