A Special Guide For Parents

A Special Guide For Parents – A guide to simplify your life, create quality moments with your children, and make space for them to grow.

Dear parents,

We sincerely hope that you are well and that you and your family are in good health.

Today more than ever, our interiors have become our living spaces. Taking care and caring for it them extremely useful and rewarding in these times of uncertainty.

We read the following in La Tribune de Genève: “Cleaning and tidying up can be a way to fight impotence and to give oneself a sense of control”. Undergoing a Home Detox is to regain control over our objects as well as our lives. In addition to control, sorting at home means sorting yourself. Taking care of your living space is taking care of yourself.

This confinement seems therefore an opportunity for a Home Detox. But here is the things… you are not alone…

So how do you do it? Push back your Home Detox again?

We’ve been working on it for a while and in these exceptional circumstances, we’ve been working twice as hard to finish it: our Special Parents Guide for a serene Home Detox with your family.

Tools, tips & tricks and practical exercises make up this guide. Step by step, little by little, the possibility of a lasting change is taking shape in front of you and your family.

Below is the table of contents of this guide. You can get your copy on our e-shop.

Guide in PDF format (28 pages of advice and 11 pages of appendix).

We wish you and your family a beautiful Home Detox.

With joy and gratitude,

Eliette & Marieke

“Great book, we’re already looking forward to starting decluttering and tidying up over Easter! We’ll let you know the results.” B. & D., parents of 3 children

“Are you tired of stepping on legos? Get this guide now. It has changed so many things in our family dynamic. The whole family is thrilled with it.” M. married and father of 2 children

“Bravo! I found it so interesting (without being a parent!). Thank you for sharing and for your work – I think everyone should be aware of Home Detox!”