Home Detox beyond our possessions

In June 2017, I (Eliette) moved into a new apartment.

When I first visited the apartment: it was love at first sight. I was thrilled when the landlord called me to announce it would be mine.

It was my 5th move in 2 years but I knew it would be the last one for a while.

Being a decluttering expert and considering my doorstep as the doorstep of my very own sacred temple, I was not worried about what I would bring inside or how it would be organized despite its small size.

I was honestly a bit worried of a clutter that we can’t see but that we can feel. I am talking about the clutter we might feel when we extend our mindset to stagnant or negative energy.

The previous tenants had lived 50 years within the same walls. At Clarity we truly believe that our homes are reflections of ourselves. I was worried that some residual emotions and memories of theirs could be stuck in the walls that could now possibly transfer over to me.

In life there is no coincidences but only happy encounters.

I met the lovely Manuela right around the time I moved in and asked her to bless my new home.

She smoked it out with therapeutic sage, laid crystals and sang mantras.

I now feel extremely content and serene in my home.

Not only am I only surrounded by objects that spark joy to me, I also feel serene and clean energy all around me. And this is such a precious feeling that I cherish and wish everyone would feel at home.

Here are a few words from Manuela herself.

Ever felt nervous as soon as you stepped into a room?
You cannot let go of the feeling that you are observed although there is nobody?
You feel the stagnation of a space and it just does never really feel like your own energy or you just can’t feel at home?

 We collect many energies around us when we move through life and sometimes the sit in our space for way too long.
The flow from past owners is still in the walls and sometimes we need to clean on different levels to really feel at home.

 Being an overly sensitive being since I am on this world I slowly captured my feelings as a talent to know and sense beyond

 In today’s time we want to connect to our well being on a broader view and our home is no longer just a place we go to sleep and rest.
Your home or your office should be an oasis of security, prosperity and abundance. Your home should feel like your place to recharge all your energetic batteries.

 With my HomeBlessing tool I come and help you cleanse your home, your space, your room, your office from all those stagnant energies that block us to naturally flow and own the space on all levels.

I smoke it out, I lay the crystals, I sing the mantras and tune into your holy space.
Bless, Bless your home is blessed.

Give yourself the treat to have a cleansed home, space or office to make it your blissful magnetic field.

Here are her offers.

Contact her to discuss your needs.