Eliette & Marieke Staub

Always optimistic with an honest and contagious smile, Eliette dedicates herself a 1000% to everything she undertakes.

After her English literature Bachelor degree from the University of Geneva, Eliette moved to Paris to get her master’s degree in communication. She has moved quite a few times and always finds great pleasure creating and organizing her space.

Her friends would tell you, entering Eliette’s house is like entering a sacred temple. It is a warm, welcoming, and curated space where everything has its place and where serenity reigns.

Fresh flowers are always displayed and Smokie her Parisian cat, who followed her back to Geneva, always purrs.

After completing her master’s degree, Eliette stayed two years in Paris dedicating herself to work in an advertising agency.

She returned to Geneva where she worked for a branding and packaging agency.

When her partner was then transferred to the opposite side of the world for work,  she used the KonMari method to prepare her move overseas.

Upon arrival, everything became clear: the method was like a trigger. Her life took a huge turn and she has since dedicated herself to spreading the message of the life-changing magic of tidying up.

Gentleness embodied, Marieke has a motherly warmth combined with serenity and sensitivity.

Marieke started her student years by following a long time passion: interior architecture.

Degree in hand, she started her career following another long-term passion: cinema.

Marieke became a director’s assistant, a complex profession which deepened her listening capacity and solution driven, hands-on attitude.

It was during a move shoot that Marieke fell in love. From which came her daughter, Eva. It was a like a mini revolution in Marieke’s life who dedicates herself with joy and love to her daughter.

But the life of a new mother is not easy and her days consisted of failed attempts to tidy up her apartment. Buried under her clutter, Marieke couldn’t find a minute for herself. It was all too much.

She finally opened this book Eliette gave her a while back. The Life Changing-Magic of Tidying Up. And the life-changing magic happened.

Marieke applied the KonMari method and found that she had the keys to find balance and take charge of her life.

With her first love, interior architecture Marieke “has the eye”, she knows how to detect the potential of an environment, and to gently guide her clients towards a positive change.

In August 2016, Eliette and Marieke met in New York to take part in the first international KonMari seminar where they inherited a new mission: to organize the world and spark joy in people’s lives. And with this Clarity was born. This wonderful altruistic adventure had started for the twins.

They live today – thanks to the method – decluttered, simple, mindful and joyful lives.

They look forward to teaming up with you to help transform your life.

So, what sparks joy to you? Let’s start the conversation.

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