Clarity’s workshops


If one or more of the below points resonate with you, come discover the secrets of the Konmari™ method during our workshops. We will share with you our advices and tips for a simple, sereine, stress free and joyful life.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and buried by your clutter ?
  • Do you feel controlled by your belongings while you should be the one in charge ?
  • Do you feel your life has become a vicious spiral of tidying always tidying ?
  • Do you feel in conflict with your home and wish to have more harmony, balance and joy ?
  • You have accumulated objects and memorabilia over years and have trouble letting go even if you feel deep inside of you that it is exactly what you need ?
  • You are about to move or about to welcome someone new in your household ?
  • You have heard about the konmari™ method, you have read her book or even only a few pages of it, or you have bought the book but are afraid to open it ?
  • You wish to simplify your life, declutter your home but you are not sure exactly where and how to start.

A Home Detox is not easy this is why we offer workshops in order to give you the keys to finally take the plunge and start climbing that mountain and aspire to a change.

Each workshop is animated by 2 consultants and are 3 hours long.

Here is what you can expect:

  • A thorough understanding of the KonMari Method, its philosophy and its advantages
  • Practical tips on how to declutter and how to organize your home
  • A hands-on demonstration and practice of the unique KonMari folding technique
  • Tools and guidance for staying motivated and on track and avoiding common pitfalls
  • An opportunity to ask any questions you have about the method
  • Take home materials for reference and course materials (notebooks and pens)
  • Light refreshments and snack
  • 10% off any Clarity services and products
  • 1 hour phone consultation post workshop with one consultant

Next workshops:

Berne (workshops in English)

24th of April from 6pm to 9pm

Lausanne (workshops in French)

8th of May from 6pm to 9pm

26th of June from 6pm to 9pm

Geneva (workshops in French)

Date to be announcded

Please reach to us for more information or to sign up:

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