Phone consultation

A consultant guides you through the steps of your Home Detox while adapting it to your individual situation, your needs and your personality.

If necessary, she will come back to the details of the KonMari method and give you the keys to put it into practice.

She will answer all your questions and potential fears about your Home Detox.

Ideal for gifts certificates. Clarity has pretty nice ones.

Ideal for those who feel ready to take action but need a little help or those who started their Home Detox but are stagnant and need expert advice to be able to move forward.

What you receive:

– 1:30 phone consultation with a certified consultant

– summary and overview of the KonMari method

– help setting goals and an action plan

– help solving problems

– advice and tips for 1 or, if time available, 2 categories

– answers to all your questions and fears around decluttering and the KonMari method

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