In home session

During this initial session, your consultant will help you establish the foundations of your Home Detox: take inventory of your current situation and establish of your objectives. The first steps of the initial session will be to discuss your goals, go around the house and express gratitude for your interior through a moment of mindfulness.

After these crucial steps, we will start to apply the method and philosophy in the first category – your clothes (or another category according to your needs, more information on the method here).

Depending on the course of this initial session, it is possible that – for example – your shoes, jackets, handbags and underwear are left to do as homework.

Whether you will donate or throw away your unwanted clothes or objects will be discussed with your consultant before the session.

What you will receive:

  • – 5 hours of decluttering with one certified consultant
  • – Decision-making support
  • – Implementation of an action plan
  • – Interior design recommendations and enhancement of your interior
  • – Recommendations for storage and organization solutions for you to continue your work
  • – Establishment of systems so that the state of grace is maintained
  • – Recommendations and implementation of changes in habit and lifestyle
  • – Access to Clarity’s Folding Academy

The ideal candidate is someone who feels overwhelmed, wants to be accompanied, and wants to obtain concrete and rapid results. No one should be stressed out by its home. No one should be overwhelmed by their possessions. No one should spend their time continually tidying up.

Our interiors should be sanctuaries that help us to face the outside world. They should help answer and even the remedy for our stress, not the cause. For more details on a session with a consultant: click here or if you are wondering if it’s the time to do an Home Detox, please read our article here.

Additional sessions

Do you want more support and faster results? Before or after your initial session, you are free to book as many sessions as you want and which are necessary for your personal Home Detox journey. It is true that regular meetings allow you to arrive faster at real transformations and changes in your life. Regularity and frequency allow our clients to take advantage of the momentum created together, to feel a real improvement in their daily lives, to move forward in their Home Detox and therefore more  reach their goals. Your consultant is there to guide you through the establishment and structure of your Home Detox and to ensure that you’re working at a good individual pace.

The number of sessions necessary to finalize your Home Detox is individual and depends on several factors such as :

The size of your interior

The number of your possessions

The number of people living in your home or space

Your attachment to your objects

Your ability to make decisions

Your willingness to change

The type of support you want

The ideal candidate is those who know right away the type of support they need and who wholeheartedly want to reach their goals and ensure they’re completing their Home Detox until completion.

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