10 good reasons to do a Home Detox

Still hesitating to do a Home Detox? Clarity gives you today 10 good reasons to embark on the adventure that will change your life.

But first of all what is a Home Detox?

Let’s start with the beginning. Home Detox is an original concept imagined by Clarity. It is a detox cure for its interior, we eliminate the superfluous, the toxins, everything that clogs us, everything that no longer serves us, to keep only what brings us joy. Home Detox brings simplicity, serenity and lightness to our busy lives. At Clarity, we apply the method thought by Marie Kondo described in her book The life-changing magic of tidying up . However, Clarity has developed and adapted its own concept, that of Home Detox, to Swiss French and European culture.

1. Shopping at home

When you do a Home Detox, it’s a bit like going into all your favorite stores at once! By going trough through its closets, we can make incredible discoveries. Once the Home Detox is over, it feels like we have new things in our closet. It’s like shopping at home.

2. Know all of what you have

During a Home Detox we highlight everything we have. Once finished we know precisely everything we have and where everything is. This makes our minds much clearer and much less stressed. We are in control of our possessions, we are zen and we can focus on anything else that actually really matters.

3. Gain space and light

Undergoing a Home Detox is to free oneself from what clutters both the interior and the mind. We eliminate what no longer brings us joy.  We free up a lot of space at home and in our minds. And what takes up space is also what prevents light from entering. By doing a Home Detox, you give way to a new space bathed in light. With the extra time and freedom to enjoy it. Besides, Marieke & Eliette, passionate about interior architecture, are full of good advice for decoration and enhancement your interiors.

4. Save while making pocket money

By making an inventory of everything you have, you avoid buying back things you already have. We know what we have in store, so we will not embark on a superfluous purchase (which we call at Clarity casting errors). Once the Home Detox has been completed, you can also resell the possessions you wish to part with for a few penny. But a Home Detox also allows you to understand how you consume or even pay all your bills on time and therefore avoid reminders fees. And then … we are never safe from finding a small note in a jacket pocket?

5. Gain a good dose of self-confidence

Doing a Home Detox is realizing how capable you are. Able to fulfill a goal, able to lift a mountain (sometimes dust), able to take matters into their own hands and do good when it originally seemed so hard and impossible. It is to realize that with will anything is possible.

6. Take control back of your life

To undertake a Home Detox is to choose to choose! And what makes you happier than making choices? To make choices is to be free, it is to give up something for a good reason. It gives you a strong and pleasant feeling of empowering.

7. Break free and lighten up

And yes, Home Detox makes you FREE! Once you’ve regained self-confidence, made all these choices for yourself, you feel free and light. We only own things that make us deeply and truly happy. When this happens our mind is clearer, our mind is free.  Just like our home. We are ready to take off again.

8. Take stock

During the Home Detox, a kind of magic operates, we naturally take a step back on our life, on what matters to us, today. We reconnect with ourselves, we anchor ourselves in the present moment.

9. Go and meet your happiness

Choosing to do a Home Detox is also choosing to meet oneself. When we take stock of who we are in the moment, we also understand what makes us happy. We understand that happiness is perhaps not linked to possessions. Separating from the superfluous make us feel lighter and happy. We understand that happiness is elsewhere, deep inside but accessible. We are enough.

10. (Re) Fall in love with your interior

Undertaking a Home Detox, it is to arrange an ideal space, a place we identify with at this present moment. Doing this difficult and introspective work means allowing yourself to see joy happy each time you push open your front door. It is also to adapt your home to your image and according to your desires and needs after having identified them. To make a Home Detox is to change your life.

Here are the 10 good reasons that we found to make a Home Detox, if you find others do not hesitate to share them with us, we are curious to have your opinion! And most importantly tell yourself that there is no right time to start a Home Detox. Put your fears, your good excuses and your anxieties in the closet and open yours wide to start your Home Detox! You can do it!