Conferences and speaking engagements

Clarity offers its services to companies that are keen on the professional and personal well-being of their employees.

We also work with private organizations and community groups focused on self-development and well-being.

We also take part in home and well-being trades, libraries and book club group discussions.

Speaking topics

  • – The KonMari Method
  • – Home Detox and our relationship to objects
  • – How to take action and maintain change
  • – Impacts and benefits on our professional and personal life
  • – Lifestyle & work-life-balance
  • – Food for thought and keys to enhance productivity, efficiency and creativity
  • Why work with us ?

To offer your employees, members, or participants a stress-free, friendly, instructive moment of exchange and reflection on their well-being

  • To give them the tools to enhance their efficiency, their productivity and creativity
  • To offer them a moment of reflection on their own lives and put in perspective some of their work and functioning habits
  • To offer them an out of the box, original and fun moment that will push them to rethink some of their habits and their environment
  • To offer them a change in their intense daily lives
  • To give them, simply, a bit more joy


45 min + 20 min Q&A

2 hours 
25 people maximum

Format can be tailored to  your specific needs.

Each participant takes home the Home Detox starter kit 

  • – Course material
  • – Clarity pen and notebook
  • – Check list
  • – Home Detox infography


RH, we have a leaflet and a press kit at your disposal.

Don’t hesitate to reach to us in order to discuss your needs and wishes.


«A lively presentation. Our team was « in it » from the start to the finish.

They were deeply involved, asked a lot of questions.»

«Eliette and Marieke’s workshop and presentation was one of the true

highlights of this year’s Brain Bar line-up. Exquisitely prepared, pouring

heart and soul into their work, they definitely sparked joy in the whole


«A great moment ! It felt like a change and it was an empowered and

enriching teaching. I just want to run home and start my Home Detox.»


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