Clarity Home Detox Workshop New Format

Introduction to « The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up » with the first Swiss KonMari™ experts and the official educators of KonMari Media Inc.

Jumping into action and starting your tidying festival (or should we say marathon) is not an easy task.

This is why Clarity created this special workshop. Its objective is to give you all the keys to finally take action, change your habits and adopt the right state of mind. Moreover, we will share with you all our advice and tips for a simple, stress free and more joyful life.

Here is what you can expect:

  • A thorough understanding of the KonMari™ method, its philosophy and benefits
  • Practical tips on how to declutter and how to organize your clothes category
  • A hands-on demonstration and practice of the unique KonMari™ folding technique
  • Experts’ secrets and tips for a successful tidying up festival and efficient organization
  • Tools and guidance for letting go, staying motivated, on track, and avoiding common pitfalls
  • An opportunity to ask any questions you have about the method

For whom?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed or even buried by your clutter?
  • Do you feel your life has become a vicious spiral of always tidying?
  • Do you feel conflicted with your home and wish to have more harmony, balance and joy in your life?
  • Have you accumulated objects and memorabilia over years and have trouble letting go even if you feel deep inside of you that it is exactly what you need?
  • Are you about to move or about to welcome someone new into your household?
  • Have you heard about the Konmari™ method, read her book or even only a few pages of it, or have you bought the book but are too afraid to open it? Maybe you have watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix show but don’t where and how to start in your own home ?
  • Do you wish to simplify your life, declutter your home but you are not sure exactly where and how to start?
  • You love the KonMari™ method and want to go further in the process by getting to know two of the most experienced KonMari™ consultants and official KonMari Media Inc. educators.

Readers of Marie Kondo’s books, this workshop goes further than her books and will make you finally start your tidying festival once and for all!  


  • 3 hours workshop
  • Take home materials for reference and course material (checklist, notebooks and pens)
  • 1 hour phone consultation post workshop with one consultant
  • 10% off any Clarity services and products

Geneva (workshop in French) Location tbd

May 22nd from 6pm to 9pm

Lausanne (workshop in French) at La Maison de la Femme

May 8th from 6pm to 9pm

June 26th from 6pm to 9pm

Berne (workshop in English) at Impact Hub Berne

April 24th from 6pm to 9pm



For any additional information contact us or register at:

You want a private workshop for you and your friend? We would love to come to your place or another location for this very special event. Please be in touch with us via our contact sheet.

“This workshop was a revelation. This Home Detox brings me so much joy. The whole family started, including children. They sorted out clothes and cuddly toys with incredible ease ” Home Detox workshop attendee, June 2018

“Dear Marieke and Eliette, I wanted to tell you how much your Home Detox workshop has done me good. An immediate good, and a good that lasts, evolves, makes its way. First of all, your warm welcome, your delicacy in listening, your infectious enthusiasm, your soothing common sense: all that you simply offer, which already sets the tone and puts us, attendee, on the path to concentration, serenity, and joy. And then, there is the body of the subject, the famous Home Detox, and your ability to talk about it and to convey its meaning and method! I left with real tools to understand my current living space situation, my disorder and the abundance of my things, the disgust and feeling of invasion they give me. Clarity made me realize that the transformation is not just external. They are many profound and fundamental issues around Home Detox. Thanks to you what was a kind of vague presentiment, entangled in passivity or disconcerted agitation, became clearer, allowing me to get out of the numbness and to finally take action! What seemed to me a mountain and gave me cold sweats now seems to me possible to escalate. On the horizon the possibility of a lasting change is clearly emerging. You gave me a bag of very very very precious tricks! Thank you from the bottom of my heart … ” Home Detox workshop attendee, January 2018


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