Blown away by 3 sessions with Clarity

“Clarity has blown me away. The passion and enthusiasm Eliette and Marieke bring to their business has no equal. They are two infectious ladies and I was stunned with what respect they touched my belongings even those that were going to be discarded. They made me look and touch the items and think about them. Clarity listens actively and asks questions, they give options and I am not able to say which room of my apartment is my preferred room. When the living room was finished I was in awe of my bookshelves and the way my favorite books were displayed. Every room is clear of clutter, every room speaks to me, every room is a room that has a personality not clutter, every object has an allocated place and three days after the project ended I am enjoying myself more and more in my ‘new’ home and yet nothing is new. What is also incredible is the impact the work of Clarity has. My desk at work is admired by colleagues about how neat and tidy it is, and the way the objects are arranged.”