Action Bag

It has been two years since we began helping our clients declutter their lives by applying the Konmari™ method in their homes and hearts. We noticed something with our clients that we also noticed in our own homes prior to our own home detox: there are a number of objects that are spread throughout the home which require action and care from us.

Such as:

  • A book borrowed from a friend that needs to be returned
  • A tupperware that needs to be given back to our mother
  • A pair of shoes that we love so much but needs a bit of love from a shoemaker as well
  • A dress or a shirt that needs to be dry cleaned
  • An old piece of clothing that is too small for your child and that is ready to be handed-down to a friend
  • A pack of used batteries that needs to be brought in to be recycled

In short, all these little things need to get done but can’t be completed right away. All these things also happen to weight heavy on our mental charge and create clutter. They can easily get scattered around the house and unfortunately nothing is often done with them because they tend to become part of the general decor.

This is why we introduced Clarity’s Action Bag™.

The Action Bag™ is a simple and elegant bag used to gather all these items that require action from you, but cannot get your immediate attention, into one unique place.

Its objective is not to be empty (you should see ours…). Its objective is to centralize everything that you need to do, so when you look around your home, all the objects you own spark joy and lift you up instead of weigh you down and nag at you.

The Action Bag™ is to be used as a transition for these objects that are ready to leave your home or need attention and extra care.

However, be careful, having an action bag doesn’t mean that you are good to go. It is a useful and elegant tool that requires you to act. Our Action Bag™ is placed at our front door so everytime we leave home we can easily peek in to see if there is anything that could be done today.

Every now and then, we do in fact declutter our Action Bag™. But we sure to always ask yourself, “does this object deserve my time, my energy and my money? Is it giving me joy or stealing my joy?”

The Action Bag™ was created with love by Swiss German designers. It is made out of natural and robust material. Woven linen and leather straps. The bag is 34cm long, 21cm wide and 43cm high.

The interior is lined in plastic, making it robust and easy to clean. There is a smaller pocket inside for you to store smaller items.

The cost is CHF 80.- and it is sold in our store.

It was tested and approved by Marieke’s daughter… ?