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Eliette and Marieke Staub, founders of Clarity Home Detox, are twin sisters.
Born in a house full of joy, where hospitality came as second nature,

their empathy and consideration quickly and naturally developed.

Growing up in Geneva, Switzerland, they were very close but chose to take their own life journeys. From New York to Los Angeles, Paris to even the Bahamas, they have found their way back together in Switzerland. Eliette and Marieke live simple, mindful, and joyful lives respectively in Geneva and Lausanne.

They look forward to team up with you and guide you to help transform your life.

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Eliette and Marieke Staub have completed more than 3,000 hours of decluttering.

They are two of the 5 Master KonMari consultants worldwide and are official lecturers and educators for KonMari Media Inc.

Clarity is part of the French Federation of Organization Professionals (Fédération Francophone des Professionnels de l’Organisation).

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